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@VanKushFamily on BLURT

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This is the @VanKushFamily Blog on $BLURT.


We also have a Facebook Page and we are about to start using this all Together with the Website.


If you want to Join BLURT there is a Discord Link here, and you can talk to the Community there.

The Van Kush Family also has a Token on TribalDEX that you can Stake on HIVE and Earn Rewards in a Rewards Program, based on how much you own.

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I just thought I would add more here so everyone can know how this Works, because maybe everyone that comes here isn't Great at Social Media Projects, that's why we put "Help" in one of the Sections even. So I'll go ahead and cover some Things here.


First, Why would you want to use my Website to Advertise your Website:

This is called Backlinking, we will eventually have whole Directories, maybe with Webpages and Emails. I have seen Directories of Ghost Hunters, say around Texas, or wherever you might be looking. Many of the Links are Defunct, but we could Create Directories of Directories, and have Discussions about them in the Directories Discussion Section here, and you could even be in the Directory, you could just have a whole Thread of your own talking about what Directory you are in and all of your Directory Friends, so everyone can see like a Best of the Directory. Back Linking will Help your Website, and you can also take my Website and put it on your Pages, to Help Build an Audience here that is more filled with your People, maybe Family and Friends, and then extends from there, instead of it being the Traffic from the Website alone. So now I would be getting a Back Link from you, and you would be getting a kind of Space to Build. This is the same for BLURT, you make a BLURT Blog and you get a Place to Post where others can Join when the see you there, and they get more Traffic.


Next, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Maybe Search Engine Optimization is talked about as SEO so much that you just hear "SEO, SEO, SEO!" and you're like "What is it?" and they say "It's where you use a Robust Vocabulary, and maybe you mention a Brand", even like @McDonalds and @Whataburger, you use Hashtags, #IceBucketChallenge #SouljaBoyDance all the kind of Things in the World. If you are on Twitter, now known as X, you can Tweet at Elon Musk, you used to be able to Tweet at Twitter Admins and Things, there are Official Twitter Accounts, they use those Tags to find the People asking them for Help. So that is how SEO Works, you use Things that People are going to use to be Searching for Things, Words and Events, Discussions, Subjects, People in Washington D.C. are often Great at it, and you use those Things to bring them to Your Page.


So, having a Thread, here on this Website, with 1,000 Pages, would be Great for Your Social Media, there would be 1,000 Pages of Discussion on your Blog, and it would be Easy to Find on Google, and People would Accidentally Find it all the Time. So that is why you would Really want to do something like this.


Why on our Website:

First off, no one else is going to let you do this on their Forum. Maybe if you have a Brand you could. On Bitcointalk there is the whole concept of Coins and Tokens having Threads like this, and I will Teach Businesses and Social Media Influencers here how to do those Things, even how to make the Blockchain Genesis Block, and then they can post it all here. So you could have a Thread about your Stuff, and a Currency, and a Thread for both, but you could announce the Coin in the Main Thread also and talk about it, but Direct any like Derailment to the Currency Based Thread.


Second, it is sometimes Hard to tell because I am Speaking for many People, and have to stand up for all of us to some People who think they are Powerful, but I am very Humble and Probably the Best person God could have Chosen for what he has. And I would just say that if you think that say for example, other Websites are concerned with keeping Pedophiles away, I can tell you where they all are and everything. Not like Q Anon, I can tell you where the Rapists are, I can tell you where all the Evil is on the Internet. And I can tell you where there are like Females posting Rape Fantasies asking for Men to come do Things to them, no Drugs, no Coercion or Duress at all. What I am doing on the Internet is actually GOOD for Families, I am not even telling you it's for Kids, it's not Really for Kids what I'm doing, we will have Things for Kids, maybe like Currency Based Games like Aggroed has made on the Graphene Blockchains, but what I am doing is actually to Attack the Problems, and the Problem Causers, Head on. But that is not what the Website is about, I just want you to know that you are Safe, that does not need to overwhelmingly Define us, just as not every Website Pretending to be Protecting Children shouldn't completely be Defined by their LACK of Aggression in this Matter. We are a Regular Organization, that just happens to Believe that Children should be allowed to be Children, and we will have some Serious Discussions here. But there will be Many, Many other Discussions, the Van Kush Family is something like a Secret Society, but a Not So Secret Society, and Part of a 501(c)(3) Religious Organization.


You can post on our Website, and there are Many Different Subjects. We will be talking about Things you maybe never Heard of, and Things you always wanted to Know, Things you didn't know you wanted to Know, we will get into the kind of Ancient ways, like Acronyms, like ABRAXAS being the Secret of the 365 Aeons, ABRAXAS being Numerically Equal to 365, and Mnemonics and Things, we will be doing some Ancient Temple Arts. It's like when someone makes a Secret Society, I'm like the Grand Master, but the way it has been revealed to me is that I am an Angel. So it's a Website Run by an Angel, and that's where you would be Posting.

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There is a Problem with LinkedIn, they seem to think that Rape is Ok, so we are going to take them to Court. They are not going to Pretend this is about something else, the Only Thing I will Let them say its "Don't you Mean Sexual Assault", yes, that is what we are Talking about. RAPE. But not the kind that You Prosecute under Local Statutes, the way it was done with Bill Cosby was Wrong. When People are Using Substances to get Pussy, You File Federal Charges under the 1996 Drug Induced Rape Act. That is what was Supposed to be done.


The Situation is like when someone is Drunk, or on PCP, and Kills someone. And they Claim "Intoxicated Manslaughter" or Otherwise that they were impaired by a Substance, the Term is "Drug Induced Stupor", we could Call it "Poisoning" another Person and Raping them.


And LinkedIn, the Social Media Platform, LinkedIn, is Challenging these Definitions, saying that it is NOT RAPE. So we will see them in Court.

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