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Guide for Cloning or Forking Ethereum

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I am going to put some information here for anyone who wants to know what is in the Links. Basically, they will Give you Everything you need to Create an Ethereum Blockchain, an Ethereum Wallet (Mist) and various Other Things for Creating Your Own Ethereum Clone. I have done Research on making all kinds of Blockchains and know how to make Several Different kinds. Ethereum is by Far the EASIEST to Clone or Fork, Ethereum is Designed to have Testnets and you can take a Testnet and make it Real by making it Public Basically. The Testnet is Designed so you can Test Apps that you are Building for the Ethereum Blockchain, and you use Your Own Currency that is just valueless and use it for Testing and make it where you Mine it Very Quickly so you have lots of it.


The Reason Creating Your Own Currency and Blockchain is a Good Idea is first, for the same Reason as the Testnet. A Barrier to the Ethereum Blockchain is the Price, if you are Reading this Right now and go make a New Ethereum Chain, now you have Helped get Rid of that Barrier. You just now have to let Others know how it Works, you could post a Thread Here about Your Coin, You Could also Post on Bitcointalk. And you would Probably want to Start a Mining Pool First, and already have a Thread here, and a Facebook Group and Everything by the Time you Launch Your Clone or Fork. Maybe even an Ethereum App in Operation, a dApp.


The Next Reason would be to Localize the Blockchain, it can be Traded all over the World on all the Exchanges, but as Soon as Possible put out Flyers, get a Billboard, getting People to Your Ethereum Clone and Teaching them to Mine, so Your Local Population are the Majority Shareholdrs into the Future. And it Creates a whole new kind of Niche, and this is what Vitalik Buterin Wanted, he did Ethereum Cloning Conferences and Supported Others doing them, there should be MANY Ethereum PRojects that exist that don't have a City that need Help. Someone could actually Start going to Governments and Offering Ethereum and Graphene Blockchains to them. This could all Happen at Churches and Government Agencies. And Will.


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