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The Federal and State Assistance Thread

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Making Your Own Money and Filing for Assistance

In today's fast-paced world, many individuals strive to achieve financial independence by making their own money. However, life can sometimes throw unexpected challenges our way, making it necessary to seek assistance. Two such programs that offer aid to those in need are the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).

1. Texas

  • SNAP: Texas SNAP Application
    • Potential Benefits: The benefit amount varies based on household size, income, and expenses. The average monthly SNAP benefit per Texas household is approximately $250.
  • SSDI: Texas SSDI Application
    • Potential Benefits: The average monthly SSDI benefit for a disabled worker in Texas is approximately $1,200.

2. California

  • SNAP: California SNAP Application
    • Potential Benefits: The benefit amount varies, but the average monthly SNAP benefit per California household is approximately $300.
  • SSDI: California SSDI Application
    • Potential Benefits: The average monthly SSDI benefit for a disabled worker in California is approximately $1,250.

3. Florida

  • SNAP: Florida SNAP Application
    • Potential Benefits: The average monthly SNAP benefit per Florida household is approximately $255.
  • SSDI: Florida SSDI Application
    • Potential Benefits: The average monthly SSDI benefit for a disabled worker in Florida is approximately $1,230.

4. New York

  • SNAP: New York SNAP Application
    • Potential Benefits: The average monthly SNAP benefit per New York household is approximately $275.
  • SSDI: New York SSDI Application
    • Potential Benefits: The average monthly SSDI benefit for a disabled worker in New York is approximately $1,260.

5. Illinois

  • SNAP: Illinois SNAP Application
    • Potential Benefits: The average monthly SNAP benefit per Illinois household is approximately $260.
  • SSDI: Illinois SSDI Application
    • Potential Benefits: The average monthly SSDI benefit for a disabled worker in Illinois is approximately $1,240.

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I am going to Write some Things about Food Stamps and the Other Programs for Everyone.


Food Stamps you get Through the State Health Services, in the Constitution there is the "Health and Welfare Clause" this Falls under Title 42 of the USC where Congress has Codified Health and Welfare. So, you may be thinking like "I don't need Food Stamps" and maybe you are sitting at Home and all you think it would do for you is allow you to Spend $50 on Marijuana instead of $20 on Marijuana, just go get Food Stamps. And the Crack Heads and Meth Heads that are like at Mom's House, if you Live with your Mom, you can maybe Apply for Food Stamps the same way you might Qualify as a Rental Space "if you Pay Rent". Everyone just go ahead and get Food Stamps, because Conservatives and Republicans Generally Agree that Food Stamps should be accessible, if you are just out on the Streets doing nothing and have no one, and no one Cares about you, even then you might think you don't need Food Stamps, everyone, if you are not Financially Secure and like Rent is a Problem, File for Food Stamps. And even moreso...



You Qualify for Food Stamps.


Google "HHS Self-Employment" Form. So this Applies to Ministries, this Applies to Online Businesses, this is the Entrepreneurs way to Eat while they make some Money to get their Business Started, the HHS Self-Employment Food Stamps allow you to be at $0.00 with a Business going, and you didn't have to Choose between Food and Staying Open with your Last $50-$200, you can Spend it on the Business, and get Food Stamps. You Fill out the Form with Things you can Back up by Showing your Bank Accounts if you need to. And you add that to a Regular Application.


If you don't always have enough Food, and it's because you don't always have enough Money, get Food Stamps through your State's Health and Human Services Office, or Office of Health, or whatever it is called.


The way it Works is that you can get Cold Food with it, this means, you can't get Fast Food, you can't go to the ATM, you can't Buy Cooked Food at a Restaurant or at the Grocery Store where the Food is Hot, you have to Buy Groceries, or Gas Station Drinks, no Alcohol, no Cash Back, this can Help because Everyone has Probably Noticed that a Bag of Chips that used to be kind of like a Meal Replacement for many, is now $5.00 or more. So having Food Stamps can Help with this, but often relying on the Food Stamps, which is what you have to kind of do or they will take them, you can not Sustain it. There is Really no way anyone can Live on Food Stamps alone, it is not a Solution for Life, it is a way to eat for a while, While something else is put in Place. This might include Housing, or a Job, Hopefully Everyone on can make their Own Money and Food Stamps just Help get to that Point, as we will be Teaching Everyone many Different ways to do Things. So you File for Food Stamps, and Everyone should if they haven't, and even if you end up not Needing it because you get the Job you Needed and all your Money Starts coming in. You still have the Money on the Card one Day if you ever End up Filing again, it will already be on the Card.


If you still are not Willing to get Food Stamps, I promise you it is Worth it, but you can try a Food Bank. If you have a Car and the Gas, going from Food Bank to Food Bank, all Week, can actually be a Great way to get Plenty of Food, and if you have Food Stamps it Helps you save your Food Stamps for Things you just need to add to what you get from the Food Bank. The way Many Food Banks Work is that there is kind of a Time, and there is usually a Line of Cars or People, it is Generally better to go to a Food Bank with a Car and they can Really Load you up, there is a lot of Food that goes to Food Banks. If you are Ashamed to get Food Stamps, don't be Afraid to Shop Food Banks. Some of them actually are set up so that it is a little like Shopping and they call it Shopping, and sometimes there is something you can take Unlimited Amounts of. So Everyone that Needs Food should get Food Stamps, but if not, go to a Food Bank.


And tell other People they should know they can do this if they don't have any Money. One Thing that some People do that is actually Fraud, is they get the Card and the Stamps, and they Sell them at $0.50 Each, so they Buy Groceries for someone and they get 1/2 of the Money as Cash. This is a Crime, but what you can do, is Buy your Mom some Groceries and give them to her, or your Friends Mom whose Food you always eat if you have People that Help you, just Help them back with the Food Stamps. That you can do. And just a Generally Rule of Thumb, they want you to Cook your Own Food. Nothing Cooked, unless it has been put in a Fridge. For example, there is the Sandwhiches and Burritos at Gas Stations that you put in the Microwave, those you can Buy, but anything that is Cooked like a Hot Dog you can't Really Buy. It's all about like Hot and Cold Food, or like you should be Cooking Yourself, and then there is sometimes Deals, where you can Buy a Cooked Pizza at a Gas Station or something, that has been something that Happens in Dallas and maybe everywhere. There are Different Things in Different Places, Subway is Cold Food so they have Accepted Food Stamps.


And Probably the most Recent Addition to Everything is the Grocery Orders. If you have $10.00 and a Tip, or not sometimes, you can get an EBT (Electronic Bank Transfer) that is, a Food Stamp, or SNAP, Order, the Order can be made with the Card, and you Pay for like GrubHub or something and a Tip. You can Order Walmart and a few Other Places, InstaCart is a way to Connect to them and you can Maybe use Instacart to Pay at more Places with EBT SNAP than you can just Directly at Checkout on their Websites.


And Generally, Emergency Food Stamps Last 3 Months, and at the End of that they either want you to have a Job where you Pay for it Yourself and do not Need them anymore. Or, you will in many States go to an Orientation for the same Thing the Unemployment People go to, that is, a Class where you Sign up and they Start kind of getting you Ready to get a Job, and you have to Show that you are Job Hunting by turning in a Sheet Showing who you Tried to get a Job from so they could call. Technically, at this Time you could take Advantage of this Part and ask that this Office take some interest in getting you a Job and Speak up on Your Behalf, and get you that Job you want, but Usually People are trying to keep the Food Stamps going and there is no Job like that. But you have that there for you if your State sends you to that Office and you Really want to get your Life together, or your Need Extra Money to do something else, or you have been Reading around on and you want to have Extra Money to make Money from Things here. You can use the State Offices to Help get you Jobs, they can be like a Reference that you maybe don't Otherwise have. So then once you are doing that they Generally want to Start like Giving you Less Food Stamps as you Need Less, Right. So they want you to Prove you are doing 20 Hrs of Job Hunting a Week is what the Form is, or that you are Working 20 Hrs a Week, at which Point you are Considered "Under Employed", so if you Work 20 Hrs a Week or Less or about that, and you are Reading this, know that, you are "Under Employed" and can get Help too. They will do the Math to see how much you make, so How much you should have for Food, and then they will give you something between $1 and $294 which is the Max in Texas, an it Sucks when you get $1 because you make too much Money, but it can Happen. So the HHS-Self Employment Form and other ways of Showing Expenses is Important.


If you are Unemployed, with no Money for Food, and Nothing you Own like Stocks and Everything, you can Easily just go and Fill out the Food Stamp Form, the Application, and say "N/A" on Everything, or "No", and check all the Boxes Correctly, and put "0" on all the Money Values and get the 3 Months for sure and Start this. If you have a Job, and Earn Money, you will want to be VERY VERY Specific about your Expenses, as in your Phone, your Rent Payments, your Gas, Everything, you will want all of that on there so that when the State sees Your Check in the System, they know that you have all of those Expenses and still can't Afford Food. If you have no Money you can put Expenses also, no one should Feel weird putting their Money -10 or -100, if you don't Write it they deduct, but when they do the Math, it's Ok if your Expenses are more than Your Income on the Record, you will get the Food Stamps you Need. Tell them you don’t have the Money to Pay for Everything. And you get to put Food Expenses and everything.


Now, if you are Filing for SSI or SSDI, you don't have to Work, or if you are Over 50 Years of Age I think it is. So if you are Disabled and can Prove it, or have SSI or SSDI, or can Prove you are Applying for SSI/SSDI, or you are 50+ Years Old, you don't have to Worry about any of the Work Requirements. So those who get Disability Payments, can also get Food Stamps if they Need them.


If you are Married or have Children you can get it per Person, and WIC is Women, Infants and Children. With TANF Cash Assistance, so that’s where like what was called “Welfare” before is.

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Everyone should know, and this is not to Scare off any of the Male Chauvinists, but this is not a Website for Male Chauvinists. This is not a Red Pill Men's Support Website to Vent about the Evils of Woman-kind, this Website is actually the Opposite of that. If you want People who Hate Women who get Free Cryptocurrency for being Female, go to the Anarcho-Capitalist Groups, or maybe the Anarcho-Communists if they are doing Cryptocurrency, and talk to them about Hating on Women for getting Cryptocurrency, because it's the Anarchists, the Cult of Kek from 4Chan, Kekistan, not just the 4Chan People, but the HIVE and ETH Pepe the Frog Worshipers, the Kekistanis, Kekistan. We are not them, we are the ONLY OTHER OPTION in Blockchain. When you Join the Blockchain World, it doesn't Matter if you are Elon Musk, you either have to go with those Guys, or the Van Kush Family. And you can Find us, #VanKushFamily. We are Creating the Van Kush Beauty Economy, Fixing the Entire World Economy. But I wanted to get into some Things.


We Live in a Time where many Feel as if #MeToo is in the Past, there was an Era where Trump was on Trial for Sex Crimes, and R. Kelly was being Tried, and #SaveTheChildren was getting Ready for January 6th, and #J20 was happening and Things, there were the #J20 Cases where the Whole Thing got Thrown out because D.C. was trying to Hide Evidence, so it was an Issue of Evidence that would otherwise Exonerate the Defendants and Everyone was Released. There were some Things happening, and there was kind of a General Sense in Society that it was still Safe, but then something Happened. Now, there is something going on where Rape is not being Prosecuted, and then Females are being made to do Things by Rapists, and the Police are not Interfering, they are letting Rapists get away with Things because the Females are not Stopping it themselves, as if Little Girls should Police all the Drug Dealers in the World. So I want Everyone to know the Van Kush Family is here for Families. Share this around Female Communities and we are going to Start getting People Paid that need to be, Share this with Your Sister, Your Cousins, Your Neighbors, Your Daughter, Everyone.


First, Cite this Case when you are saying you are an Activist. It was a Case where someone was Fighting for Custody of their Child and they got Disability Payments and said their Job was being an Activist, so you can Cite this case for that:

In re: M.P. (Tex. App. 2014) (Activist)


Now, here are some other Things. First, by Filing for Disability you are not Stopped from Filing other Lawsuits, in Fact, you may be able to Claim Mental Anguish and Things as Your Claim is Verified.

Jernigan v. Dalton (S.D.N.Y) (Not estopped from Suing by request for SSDI)


You want to Determine the Onset of Your Disability, when did you Start seeing Signs of the Disability, if this Effected your Ability to Work, you may Qualify for Retroactive Payments back to this Time. It is better if you have Medical Records Showing that you were seeking Care, but you can also Cite Cases for Things like "Too Paranoid to even seek Care". Onset of Disability is when you can Start to Prove something was Happening with you.

Chudy v. Colvin, (D. Mass. 2014) (Onset of Disability)

Redmond v. Berryhill, (ND Cal. 2018)


This Case is about some Marriage Rights

Griswold v. Connecticut, 381 U.S. 479 (1965) (9th Amendment, Marriage Rights)


This Case is about the Difference between SSDI and SSI, SSDI Requires that you have Earned a Certain amount of Credits by Working and Paying in. SSI is Easier to Qualify for.

Florence v. Dept. of Workforce Servs., 35 P.3d 1148 (Utah App. 2001)(Paid in)


This is an Example of someone who has PTSD, or Paranoid Anxiety, and their Payment is Past Due. Sometimes you have to Sue to get Social Security, even after you are Awarded, sometimes they Mess up and you have to Sue them, Hiring a Lawyer or finding a Free one is a Great idea. I am just Helping you Read Through Case Law. The Second one is about how Bipolar was always their Diagnosis and it effected their Schoolwork, and they didn't Graduate College. So you can add Things. There was one Case where the Judge said that someone's Ability to Focus on TV Shows for Hours, and do Certain Things meant that he could have looked for some kind of Work and seen if they would Hire him.

Rodriguez v. Berryhill, 323 F.Supp.3d 232 (D. Mass. 2018) (PTSD and Past Due)

Hill v. Educ. Credit Mgmnt. Corp., 598 BR 907 (Bankr. NDGA 2019) (Bipolar and School)


The General Rule for SSDI, Disability, is that you:

1) Can not do the same Work you used to do

2) Because of your Disability


That is the Main Criteria. But now, we are going to get into some Specific Things.


Everyone can use these Cases, the Kush Case is our Case where we are Suing the DEA and they have Released some Documents. The next 3 Cases are about kind of the Trauma of Rape, Things that can be brought in Rape and Loss of Life Cases. Then gets into Meth being used to Rape someone.

Kush v. Drug Enf’t Admin, (D.D.C. 2022) (FOIA Case where these Documents were released)

Pulinario v. Goord, 291 F. Supp. 2d 154 (EDNY 2003) (Rape Trauma Syndrome)

Carmichael v. Galbraith, (NDTX 2012) (Bodily Integrity, Rape)

People v. Dunham, 172 AD 3d 1462 (NY Div. 2019) (Meth Rape)

Many people probably do not know this but many of Lil Wayne’s songs are actually Sex Offender Music and the songs are meant to be played as Warnings, and if you are Raped they can say “What, you didn’t hear the song?” and basically tell everyone that they knew what they were getting into if they allowed the Music to play. For example, there is a song that has a very clear, and in the song it says “We eatin, so Bitch why the Fuck are you trippin

“I ain't bragging, I ain't boasting, that's the way it is
Better guard your kids, guard your face
Better guard your body, we warned the place”

In another song it says, “Take the Babies out the Crib, and Rape the Housewives”. Once you start to realize how Meth users are using these songs, it becomes more obvious, see

State v. Mosely, (La. App. 2013)

State v. Croom, (Tenn. Crim. App. 2014)

Brown v. State, 757 S.W.2d 739 (Tex. App. 1988)

Stewart v. Carter (SD Ohio 2019)

Harwood v. State, 961 S.W.2d 531 (Tex. App. 1997)

Doe v. University of Tenn., 186 F.Supp.3d 788 (MD Tenn. 2016) (Rape Culture)


So then the Women that go Through these Experiences, they Actually need Help. They need to be Paid, and they need to be Housed for Life, they need to get Free Food Stamps, they shouldn't have to go to Work Everyday where another Man may want to do the same Thing to them because they Heard a Song. So this Case Law will Provide something of an Arsenal, and we will get into more, but an Arsenal when Filing SSDI and SSI Claims. But Once you go Through these, I want to give you a few more Tips about Filing. Please Share this with Everyone, we Need to Boost the Economy and End the Rape Situation, and this is a Good way to do both.

Johnson v. State, 120 So.3d 1130 (Ala. Crim. App. 2013) (Emotional Outbursts)

Lobato v. Las Vegas PD, (D. Nev. 2022) (Rape at Budget Suites)

Rockwell v. Sun Harbor Budget Suites, 925 P.2d 1175 (Nev. 1996)(Likely Drug Rape called “Illicit Affair”)

1996 Drug Induced Rape and Violence Act, see

21 USC Sec. 801

In re: Interest of J.P.L, S.W.3d 559 (Tex. App. 2019) (Ward of State Child, Meth using Parents)

Peyote Way Church of God v. Thornburgh, 922 F.2d 1210 (5thCir. 1991) (Non-Drug, Religious use of Peyote)

State v. Sanders, 13 P.3d 460 (NM 2000) (Coercion, Threat of Violence from Drug Organization)

Pike v. Hartford, 368 F.Supp.3d 1018 (EDTX 2019)

US v. Mahoney, 53 F.Supp.3d 401 (D. Mass. 2014)


If the Situation is Bad Enough, it is Possible that you could Even Kill, or Commit some Lower Crime than Murder to Escape a Drug Dealer who has used Drugs to Force you into a Situation that you never thought you would be in and don't want to be in, where these kinds of Things are happening to you, where your Bodily Integrity has been taken From you, where Your Vagina, Pussy, whatever, doesn't look like it did before, such as Shooting him in the Leg or something.

Necessity, Duress and Provocation.

Texas Penal Code Sec. 9.22, Necessity, see

Vasquez v. State, 830 S.W.2d 948 (Tex. Crim. App. 1992)

State v. Spokane, Wash. App. 2d 573 (Wash. App. 2020)

Juaruez v. State, 308 S.W.3d 398 (Tex. Crim. App. 2010)

US v. Grant, 691 F.2d 1159 (5th Cir. 1982)


Now, you may need to Start going to Doctors in Order to get Paid. You will need a Diagnosis and you will want to Start talking to People. Let them Diagnose you with something, and Suggest Paranoid Anxiety, not only is that PTSD, Anxiety also has all the Best Meds. So Paranoid Anxiety, Anxiety, and Traumatic Rape Syndrome if you were Raped and want to talk to Your Doctor about it, you don't even have to tell the Police. And you can File for SSDI, or SSI.

Barbara S. v. Kijakazi, (WDNY 2023) (Risperidone)

A.S. v. State, 22A-EX-679 (Ind. App. 2022) (Perceived Incompetent)


Here is an Example of the kind of Form you should Start Filing out to have Handy. And get all of your Medical Records.


The Doctor can do this


Here is a Form Format that you can take to the Doctor


Basically what you want from the Doctor is like a "She can't go to School Today" but for Work, and Forever, or for at Least 1 Year. If the Doctor gives you that, you will get Rewarded Disability. The Social Security Administration (SSA) may bring in their own Doctors to Prove Everything, so you still want an Attorney, but they'll be Glad you have all this for them.

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Everyone should know that usually Food Stamps are looked Down on, but what has been Happening Generally has been Accepted by both Parties. The Republicans, or the GOP, we could say the People that are usually considered the Job Making Party, the way People say "When you are Young you have a Heart, when you are Older you have a Brain" or however they Word it and it is a Generally Statement usually about Conservatives and Liberals. Republicans want you to make a Business, Democrats want you to Join a Union. But the Republican Party is more Accepting of this, because People can Accept EBT and get more Business. It solves Food Desert Problems, and People are able to File and become Food Banks, and Community Projects and Everything, and this Money goes to Feeding People. People get Food, to Eat. and Waste is Cut. The Food Stamp Program that exists Today is more like a kind of Coupon System where the Companies want to get as many People using it as Possible, to a Fault where they are actually not Working to get some People off of them and are sometimes acting like it is a Gift for some People, when it is supposed to be there as a Safety Net for anyone. I didn't know about how all of this Worked as a Kid or anything, and maybe People should Though. Food Stamps, and SSI, these Types of Things, People should Start to Learn about SBA and FHA Loans. And the Food Stamps go both Ways.


Not only can someone who needs Food Stamps Learn about this, the Company that might Accept Food Stamps Learns also, and it's Revenue. This is Money the Government Sends out Every Month, and it has Increased Dramatically since the COVID Economic Shutdown had Happened. Some People got Addicted to Meth During COVID and forgot it was Happening, and now had Happened, the DEA Started selling it when the Ended Operation ICE Shield, but now Everyone, get some Food if you need it.

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There might be some Things that were misunderstood by some People:


1. Yes, I am Filing a Sexual Harassment Case,


2. Yes, I am Filing a Housing Discrimination Case,


3. No, I am not LGBTQ+, this is a Marriage Rights Issue, and Dallas is Refusing to Desegregate for Straight Mixed Couples.


4. Yes, this is a Religious Case but I am not Suing a Company for being Religious, I am Religious and I am suing the Salvation Army for their Gender Bending, and behaviors in furtherance of their Gender Bending Policies. We are Suing because Trannies have been brought into this, it should never have been Part of any of this Discussion. It's Offensive that somehow we have even been compared to Trannies because this Happens to them too. Completely Offensive. I Posted a Link to Show the City they lost a Case about Salvation Army having a Bed List that they wouldn't let a Tranny Sign, and from then on they Pretended this was not about Housing. But Secretly, they've never said Openly to me that this is what they are doing, I am prepared with all the Evidence though.


5. Yes, this also gets into Musical Sexual Harassment, like a Boss Playing Certain Lil Wayne Songs and saying "You're Black, Right?" and taking his Dick out or something. And we will be doing all of this, and I am a Male. Who Feels like it is Crazy I even have to tell You I Identify as Male, because I was Born Male, and have not ever Wanted to be another Gender. But yes, there will be some Amazing New Sexual Harassment Case Law that will Primarily be used by Females after I get it all on the Record.

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I think Part of the Problem is, though we don't have 1 Billion People in America, is that there are too many People. When we get into all of these Discussions of WWIII, and Global Politics, many Often Talk about the Idea of Population Control and Things, but I am not sure that Everyone understands the REAL Population Control Issue as God Sees it.


If You are Working at a Company with a Real Job, You shouldn't have to Fuck Your Boss as Extra to make it all Guaranteed, and You shouldn't have to if You can't Afford Rent and he doesn't have a Wife or Girlfriend. People act like "I never let a Bitch think I want some Pussy like that, I make sure she is always Begging for Dick", it's by getting her Addicted to Meth or Crack, it is by making Sure she has nowhere to go and no way to Pay You Her Rent, or this or that. And this gets to the TVPRA Cases and all that, because some People are coming into this saying "It's a Lifestyle", but they don't understand that I know that, and I'm not Talking about the Slutty Camgirl that makes Money and has a bunch of Dicks around, and if She is Spiteful, it's Probably because She went Through all of this already and there was no one there to Save her, She reached up when Drowning and no hand came to Save her, and She is Dead now, but still in this World.


 People have a Fetish for seeing that Spark being taken out of someone. That is who the Pedophiles are.


But if You are Working at Your Job, or Dealing with a Landlord, Sex should still always be 100% Consensual, and not something where someone has to tell You "Say You like it and look at the Camera Bitch" and there are People that are confused and think this is about Penis Pills, and it's not. When these People come Gang Rape Your Wife, with 10 People, and China Shares the Videos and says "Yes, Our Future in America with Bukake", You come and Tell me You are Jealous. And I'll Kill You for being Jealous of them. That's what I'm Talking about.


And there are just too many People, and those are the ones we have to Kill.

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Forms for Foodstamps, etc, in Texas:


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