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Smart Media Tokens (SMTs) to Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

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Smart Media Tokens (SMTs) this Thread gets into the GitHub Libraries, and the way GitHub Works you can just Copy what other People have made, so if you want to Start getting into making Software on the HIVE Blockchain, this is where to Start, this also is kind of how STEEM or Steemit Developers would Learn Things, same kind of Blockchain.
There are many Smart Media Tokens, when there was Steem-Engine as the Primary Token Platform, the Tokens were Preforming better, and there was kind of still Everyone was Working together, and there are not very many People on these Websites yet, like Facebook in the Early Days when it was on the Covers of Magazines for the First Time and Things, these Websites are still kind of Growing. But there was the Split between STEEM and HIVE, and now you can Open Steemit in a TRX Web 3.0 Browser, and connect Tron Tokens to your Steemit Account that way, but Hive-Engine has it all Built in, and it is still supported and Active and Everything, there are even a few Tokens that you can Actually Earn Money on if you have no Money, which is why I made this Thread for Everyone. I want Everyone to see the very few Tokens that Work, and how they work, and the Tokenomics is almost Secondary, but you do want Good Tokenomics, and in all of that I am going to Give Everyone also a Lesson in Economics.
When we look at any Currency, as I have said before, the most important Things in Cryptocurrecy are: "Who are you? What have you been doing for us Recently? What are we doing I don't get it."
So the USD is Inflationary, we could go on Google and look at 2022 and 2021 and 2020 and see exactly how much, and Talk about COVID Payments, the Pandemic Unemployment and the IRS Payments. So we can Start talking about Economics there, and you can go and look at the USD, and the Deal with the USD is that there are over 300,000,000 Americans, and then there are Others all over the World who want to Own USD. So that Number of USD in Circulation, the Circulating Supply, is spread out amongst all of the People that want to Own it. Amazon Collects most of it, and there are Chinese Companies, and that is what Economics is about. And you want to set it up where you can make some, you want a Share of it, and Cryptocurrency is made where you can do that same Inflation Math, and Start to see if you want to Invest.
VKBT is the Token that we have made, Van Kush Beauty Token, that is the Main Token Right now on this Website though there will be many more, there will be many Van Kush Tokens and Blockchains. But the Van Kush Beauty Token is Minted at a Rate of 1,440 Per Day, so there are not very many added into the Supply Every Day. And the more you Own and Upvote Posts, the more you Yourself Earn out of that 1,440. And like the USD, it is dependent on the Buyers, if there were 1,440 Buyers Every Day who wanted VKBT, the Value could quickly go up to Bitcoin like Prices. So first I will Talk about some Other Tokens, then I will Talk about how all of this Works, and how Different Things Happening might Effect the Market so People can see how all of this Works, and can even Test it if they want. If anyone Buys VKBT, I would suggest also making your Own Token maybe, that is one of the First Things I would Suggest, then lets do some Things together. And we can find more People with Businesses, or who are Influencers, and continue on this way making Tokens and Owning each others Tokens.
I will Start with Actifit
Actifit, this Link is the Group you Post in:
If you Post in the HIVE ActiFit Community, you can Earn VKBT. Use the #ActiFit Hashtag and the #VanKushFamily Hashtag if you want, and you can add #R2Cornell and #ProofOfBrain and others, and these are all Hashtags you can use to Earn VKBT, you can not Earn VKBT on HIVE unless you use one of the Hashtags that is attached to it. ActiFit Tokens are a little confusing, they are not Stakable on HIVE-Engine, though there is a Large ActiFit Community and you can Earn by Posting Your Daily Activity Log for Everyone to Read, this is on Steemit and Blurt also, so you can go on there and Start talking to these People and see if you can Start earning HIVE, STEEM and BLURT by Talking about your Activity Every Day, and get some VKBT.
Proof of Brain, this Link is the Group you Post in:
Proof of Brain Token or POB Token Actually has a Value, you can go in the Market and Buy some and get a Return on Investment (ROI) that is worth the Buy in, but you might want to do some Advertising, like I said before, these Platforms all STEEM, BLURT and HIVE, do not have the Users they will in the Future, and really if you aren't going in to get Free Money, or Following me into this, then you should have some kind of Plan to have $7,000 USD in HIVE on your Account, then you Buy some POB, or make your own Token, and you can Finance this with your HIVE Earnings. Part of all of this is that People need these Links, they need Guides on how all of this Works. For example, you will need to use Hive Signer, which is an App that once you have done all of this, you can just do a quick Password and log in to all of this on your Phone in an App. It makes it very Easy. But with POB, you can Actually Start Earning something. Even Free, just go in the Proof of Brain Group and Post and you will Probably get some kind of POB and you could Sell it, even if it is less than $0.01 USD. With Proof of Brain, you can Buy VKBT, the way some People do this is that they Earn Small Amounts, and Buy Other Tokens that they know have Communities around them, and they Hope that one of them Raises in Value. If we all Work together making Tokens, we don't have to Hope, we are the Hope. There is always Hope. For example, if we had 30,000 People all together, and they were all on 1 Thread Talking about Investment here on, then we could have those People all go to Proof of Brain Right now and Spend even $0.10, whatever they have, and this in and of itself will Raise the Value, any of our 30,000 that got in Early are very very Lucky, maybe Buying many Tokens for $1 or Less, and so they have a Bunch of Money, they can now sit around on the Computer and Help and this can be a Job for them, etc. But this is how all of these Things Work. So if you Earn Small Amounts of POB and use it to Buy VKBT that can benefit you, and keep the Price Stable, Every Buyer of a Currency Helps Keep the Price Upwards. We can also use Money we make with VKBT to Buy POB, and then use the Higher POB Earnings from the Higher Holdings, to then turn around and Buy more VKBT again, or just Keep Staking Larger and Larger amounts of POB, and then Later Buy VKBT.
This is out Token, the Price is Still Very Low and there are very Few Buyers, it does have Movement all the Time Though, it is also Pretty well known as I do know what I am doing, and it is Probably more World Wide Famous than any of the Others, as in like more People know about the Van Kush Family and what we are doing, than the Other Tokens. And so what VKBT is, is like a Rewards Program Token. You come and use the Hashtags, and you Learn the Trade of Cryptocurrency, so that we all know how to use the Markets together. We are Teaching People how to get Certified for Jobs, we are Teaching People how to do Affiliate Programs and get Traffic, and we will have HIVE, STEEM and BLURT be a big Part of this, and we will make our own Graphene Blockchain in the Future and the Van Kush Family will be a 4th alongside HIVE, STEEM and BLURT. So as we Grow our Website and Teach Everyone how to make Money, and then also we will be Teaching about Hemp and Cannabinoids, and Ancient Mysteries, and Religion, and VKBT will be Part of all of this, and if you own some, it is Inflationary, it Inflates at 1,440 Per Day, and it has only Existed since 2022. You can Create a HIVE Account, and as a New HIVE user you can Start Posting in the ActiFit and Proof of Brain Groups, and be Rewarded these Tokens, and if you wanted you could Spend $1,000 or $100, or $10,0000 and Earn a lot more. And you could set up your Account with $7,000 USD in HIVE First if you wanted, then get into Investing in VKBT. And what you do is you Buy whatever you can, and you Set it for Sale at a Higher Price. Right now, it doesn't take much to Buy up all the VKBT up to 1 HIVE, it doesn't Cost $200 to do that. So if you are Reading this it might already Cost more than that. But the way you do these Things coming in, and Raising the Number of users, and yourself adding to the Daily "Trade Volume", and Sell the Currency at a Higher Price than you Bought it for. You may ask "Is that a Ponzi Scheme?" and that is the Perfect Question, because no, with the HIVE income, and the BLURT and STEEM, and other incomes, the Tokens are not Ponzi Schemes, and I am making it even Better. With VKBT I am Buying up as many as I can, so I do Buy Backs, and I will be Teaching Buy Backs, we will have a Place to Announce Things about our Tokens on so we can all be aware of when there is a Buy back. I will Teach Everyone how it Works. And Everyone should Buy the Tokens and Coins at a Lower Price than they Sell them, that is the whole Goal. And I Suggest making your Own Token First. Or at Least Financing a BLURT, HIVE and STEEM Account. We also are Teaching People how to do Affiliate Programs, and Everything else, so it won't be a "HODL" Party, though we will Talk about HODL, we will also be Talking about Passive Income Generally, and Wages and maybe you could say kind of Gig Work, kind of the Gig Economy, to Classified Ads, and Business Cards, having People Pay for an Hour of your Time, etc. We will Help People do many Different Things, as they come in to this, so that we have a Professional Cryptocurrency Community. I can Teach Everyone about how Bounties Work, Specifications, Tokenomics, we can get into Everything. We do intend to have Silver and Gold to Trade for the Currency which will Raise the Value also, Inflation, Rarity, there are Different kind of X Factors in the Crypto Value Math, but Numbers of People is Key.
POB Token
This is where you Trade Proof of Brain Token, you can see that while it Still has a Low Trade Volume, the Trade Volume is more than VKBT right now, but Still not by much.
PIZZA is a more Popular Token and it has been around Longer, it had a PIZZA Bot, and when you Own some you can Send 1 to yourself or to someone else. You can get the PIZZA Account to Vote on your HIVE Post, I have noticed the Bot doesn't look like it is Working now though. But all of this is how to do it, they had it Right, they just never had a Pizza Parlor, there was no way for anyone to take PIZZA Tokens and get 50% off on Pizza anywhere, they never did it, how Simple is that just to get the Attention, it is their name. But, this Token is actually Probably the most Popular and you could talk to them and invest. You can Talk to the ActiFit People, the POB People, the PIZZA People, Right now you are Reading the VKBT Thread, you are getting into the Cryptocurrecy World, you are now Part of it almost. You can use this Token much like Proof of Brain, all the same Concepts. And actually, these 2 have been around Longer than VKBT, and are more centered around HIVE Blockchain, while VKBT is not necessarily all about HIVE, we are Bringing in New People that have never used any Cryptocurrency before much of the Time. So you can go to Proof of Brain and PIZZA and Read their Informational Posts, and they have a lot of Good information about Tokens if you want to become even more of an Expert.
DEC Token
This Token is one of a few that is used in Splinterlands and I think there are even a few more Games that Aggroed has made now. Aggroed made the Steem-Engine Platform, which became Hive-Engine, and now is merged with TribalDEX which I think was Part of someone else's Project before and he merged in. Aggroed's DEX on the Steem and Hive-Engine were made so that Everyone could make Front Ends, and Tokens, that Mimick HIVE and STEEM, the way SP and HP Work, the Tokens on these Platforms, his SMTs we could call these, are made to Work just like SP and HP. But Aggroed was making them himeself for a Game, so his are not the same necessarily and you have a few Different Options when Paying for your Token to be made on his Platform, and if you can do Things like the PIZZA Dev, then you don't have to Buy Everything. But DEC Token can be Bought on other DEXs, the Tokens that are there now Can not. There as at one Time APPICs alongside the Aggroed Platforms, but they moved somewhere where the Tokens are more Popular, just harder to make because Aggroed has set this up so it is very easy for everyone.
But what DEC does, is that it Works in a Game, so if you have Financed a HIVE Account, now you can use your Earnings to Play this Game if you want, you Buy some Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) and you have something to use in the Game to move ahead, the way there is "In Game Purchases" in the Phone Apps, this is how the Tokens are Sold. So PIZZA, you could use it to access the Bot, we could call that Gamification, there is Gamification Theory, like if you are telling a little Kid to Clean up there Toys, it is more Fun for them if it is Gamified, and you make it a Game for them, so then it is Easier to make them do it, that is Game Theory. So you can Actually Earn Money Playing Games, but with the Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) it is Dependent on the Trade Volume. And this is a very Good Implementation of this.
ETH and WAX Blockchain
Now, these Tokens kind of become like NFTs in that way. The TribalDEX Mint Tokens are not exactly like NFTs, but if we look at Wax Blockchain we can see that the way Cryptokitties were Sold or the Monkeys, the Wax Blockchain has NFTs that are being Sold, and we can use these Platforms all around us to Create some Simple Games, where all the Sudden there is a Token on a Platform that is a Cat or a Monkey, and it is Worth $75,000 or $75,000,000 or whatever. Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) are more like an In-Game-Currency that is Sold like Hour Glasses or Gem Stones in Phone Apps. But as we look at all of this, and Start bringing the Entirity of it together under the Van Kush Family, pushing out the Cult of Kek, we can see that there are ways that NFT Tokens are Similar, in that there can be a Game that is like a Card Game, and the NFTs Sold are like Pokemon Cards used in Battles again other People with their Cards, and if they didn't Buy Early and Spend Enough they can't Fight you unless they do a lot more Work. It could be Gold in a Game, and you use it to Buy other Things. It could be something like a Pick Axe, or a Wood Cutting Axe, and there could be 5,000 for Sale, and its the Deal of the Week for Everyone that Plays the Game. Everyone should just be thinking about all of that.

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Overview of Smart Media Tokens (SMTs)

  1. Origin and Platform:

    • SMTs are native digital assets on the Steem blockchain. Steemit, a decentralized social media platform, uses SMTs alongside the STEEM token to reward users for creating and curating content​​​​.
  2. Purpose and Functionality:

    • The primary goal of SMTs is to monetize online content and create incentives for desired user behavior. This model offers a way to incentivize content creation and community engagement on various platforms​​​​.
  3. Comparison with ERC-20 Tokens:

    • SMTs are similar to Ethereum's ERC-20 tokens but come with unique 'Proof-of-Brain' properties and a token distribution reward system. This makes them particularly suited for platforms where content is king​​.
  4. Proof-of-Brain Concept:

    • The Proof-of-Brain algorithm is a key feature of SMTs. These tokens are distributed based on "upvote" and "like" algorithms on platforms. This system ensures that content creators are rewarded for their contributions, aligning the incentives of creators and consumers​​​​.
  5. Integration and Usage:

    • SMTs can be embedded in web applications and used to encourage engagement and development on various platforms. By allowing the integration of these tokens into websites, SMTs provide a means to adopt sustainable, currency-centric revenue models​​.
  6. Accessibility and Launch:

    • One of the striking features of SMTs is their ease of launch. Anyone can create and launch an SMT on the Steem blockchain, making it an accessible tool for content creators and entrepreneurs​​.
  7. Impact on Online Content and Communities:

    • By incentivizing content creation and user engagement, SMTs have the potential to reshape online communities and content platforms. They offer a decentralized and equitable way of rewarding content creators, which can drive more organic and meaningful interactions on platforms​​.

In summary, Smart Media Tokens represent a significant step forward in the world of digital content and social media. By leveraging blockchain technology, SMTs provide a decentralized, equitable, and innovative way to reward content creation and community engagement, potentially leading to more vibrant and sustainable online communities.


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