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When most People hear about Korea now it is usually North Korea, Wolf Blitzer on CNN likes making Jokes. Like the Leaders name is Kim Jong Un so like Wolf Blitzer will say like “Kim Jong Un-Announced” or something, just like different Pun type Things. And that’s how Americans hear about it. But if we look at North Korea and South Korea, there are only 3 Generations of Separation, so like Cousins all know each other and everything on both Sides. If we look at the Korean War it is different than WWII.


The Politics in the Region are that Japan does not like China because China kinda tries to Colonize Japan all the Time. And Korea does not like Japan because Japan did Colonize Korea. So then the North Koreans are connected to China, and South Koreans more to the United States and we hear about the City called Seoul and Kim Jong Un often Threatens to Bomb a U.S. Military Base which would likely be enough Casualties in the Base and the General Metropolitan Area of Seoul, so you can kind of see the connections that exist.


If we look at the History we can say that Communism Started with Marxism, many wonder what a Marxist is. Carl Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto, a Marxist Agrees wholeheartedly with Marx. A Leninist is something that comes later, and they have the Ideologies of Lenin, and Maoists come later as the Little Red Book is spread across China by Mao. North Korea 3 Generations ago was working alongside Mao, and the Kim Family became a Royal Family, and now the Grandfather, the Father and the Son are like a Holy Trinity. We can say that Kim Jong Un may or may not want all out War, but it is what he was raised for. There was no Peace Treaty at the End of the Korean War, there is simply a Demilitarized Zone and constant Tensions, and North Korea doing Underground Nuclear Testing, and showing their ICBM Capability and everything.


Kim Jong Un was using the Global Financial System called SWIFT which all the World Banks use, but he was manipulating the Numbers and Stealing Money so they had I remove North Korea. The North Koreans live in Fear of Kim Jong Un, recently one Soldier on their Side of the Border Defected and ran to the South Korean side and took like 20 Bullets and had all kinds of Worms in him. They use Urban Human Feces as Fertilizer so as a consequence their Food grows Human Infections. The Situation is not Good. They have to like Smuggle in Jeans and Music from what I’ve Read over the Years, People will fly Balloons with Modern Things. There has been kind of a Freezing in Time in the Nuclear Age like the Video Game, “Fallout”.


But, North Korea does want to be better. They are mostly prepared for War, with a Huge Military. This is what they do, they are a Military Country and they are Ready for War is what they are Ready for. And they have some Good Technology, and Allies in Russia and China. Kim Jong Un likes Basketball and has made friends with Dennis Rodman of Dallas Mavericks fame, he has expressed interest in meeting other Basketball Players and Things. His Dad was very interested in Movies, and Korea Generally North and South makes Movies. And Kim Jong Un has seemed very open to talking, he spoke with Trump and was reportedly maybe pretending to be excited but underwhelmed by Trump’s Video that never resulted in anything. And it is much like the Russia Situation with Sanctions, or Palestine and Israel with Hamas, and it is a Situation that just sits there and like CNN, MSNBC and Fox News all turn to look when there is an explosion, then the News Marches on and they Forget, but nothing gets any better in North Korea and they all still live there, and he was Born with a Military and Nuclear Labs and everything to use for his People, and it doesn’t get used very much for the past few Decades.


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