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Plasma Donation Centers

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I’m going to put here all the information anyone needs to know for if they are thinking about going to a Plasma Center, or if they want to know what the Anti-Plasma Center Movement is about. First, if you want to know about like the Vampires eating all the Blood, this Video kinda delves into that, and it is maybe less Evil than you Thought.

Once you Watch the Video you see the Medicines being made. I also have a Picture I took myself at CSL Plasma, they have them on Display. I will attach a Picture to this post. Now, here is the Process and I will tell you CSL and BioLife so you can understand the Differences and everything. First with CSL you would Download the App and if you want to, you can use my Referral Code, I get $50 after you go 2x:


We can have others post their Codes in this Thread also later. Follow this link to register and you will receive 500 bonus iGive points on your second donation at CSL Plasma.  

For BioLife Plasma the First Step is to Schedule an Appointment. CSL does Walk-ins, BioLife Plasma does Appointments only and you can’t get in without one. I haven’t seen a Referral System here but if anyone Learns of one they can add it.

When you get there you are going to be there for a while the First Time.
Lets call this,
Step 1: Orientation/Physical

If you go to CSL you First Watch a Mandatory Video that is probably just Things they have on CSL YouTube, but it just tells you what you are Consenting to so you know and you can say you didn’t I assume is the Reason. Then you Wait, you might get some Crackers and a Water or something, then you do a Kiosk Thing, like a Survey is what it might look like if you aren’t used to Answering Medical Questions. Like, “Have you had sex with a Man”, and one Answer at one place is “I’m a Female”. They ask about HIV, Jail Stays, you can’t be at Risk and give Blood still so they won’t accept you if you Answer Yes to those. Strangely CSL says they don’t care if they Drug Test you and Cannabinoids show up. After that you wait, more, this all involves a lot of waiting on Day 1, but they will put you at the front of the Lines. For example, once you Answer Questions they’ll do a Quick Finger Prick and Draw Blood into a miniature Vial and put it in a little Centrifuge (you can’t see it do anything) and they separate the Blood and Plasma and see if it’s Good. You get at the Front of that Line, then you talk to the Doctor Though, he asks you about anything like Allergy and Mental Meds, and if you aren’t like Stable he’ll say you need to go to another Doctor First. But otherwise, then you go Donate.

At BioLife Plasma it is much the Same, you do the Appointment, you come and do your Waiting, the Questions. When you walked in where we were they got your Appointment in then asked “When is the last Time you ate” and if you haven’t eaten much or missed a meal they give you like a Boost Shake and a Meat stick and Cheese stick with a Bag of Goldfish. They didn’t have a Doctor so they wouldn’t approve you if anything showed up in the Survey/Questionnaire at all.

2: Payment/Return Visits
Now, most Plasma Centers do Deals where you get Extra Money your First Few Times, and the Regular amount is less later. In Dallas at CSL you get $125 each of your First 5x for $625, then after that it’s $50 when you come once a Week, and you can get $65 on the 2nd Time if you go 2x a Week. In that Documentary it said Cleveland was way less, so Things are Bad. We need to talk about this, People need this Money but I saw a Crack Head who had a kind of Lip on his Arm where the Needle had gone in like 1,000-2,000+ Times and there was like a Lip, he could carry a Pebble in the little pocket over his vein. BioLife does like $900 for your First 8x, and 2x per Week is 8x in a Month, they do like $130 one Time, $90 another Time, $100 another Time, etc. You can not go directly from one to the Other and you will have possibly Bad Needle marks like Hematomas. You will also Start to learn to know where your veins are if you didn’t, and some Nurses are better than others at Sticking People correctly. After 3 Months you are a New Patient again at at CSL and can get the 5x $125 again, or whatever it is wherever you might be. It’s better to just do this occasionally than to try to go to different ones all over. If you did it 5x or 8x every 3 Months you might be ok, or 2x a Year so 1x every 6 Months you’d be even safer.

You will need an ID that is not a Homeless Shelter, and that matches a Social Security Card you also have. You might need to get a just Copy of Divorce or Marriage Records from the County Clerk where you are to Prove who you are if you need to. You will get a Payment Card no matter where you go, it is the same Card as at a Temporary Labor Job like PeopleReady kind of the Paycard, like a Greendot Card, etc. you won’t be able to Buy Cryptocurrencies without taking out Cash and going to a Bitcoin ATM. But as soon as you Finish the Donating Cycle, the Money will go on the Card.
Haemonetics PCS2 is the Machine at CSL where I am, it takes your Blood out and puts it in the Machine which a little Green LED Screen Reads is “Filling Bowl”, then there is a Centrifuge, the Plasma part starts, a 1 Liter Bottle begins to fill with a Yellowish to Brownish or Pinkish Plasma, and then Returns your Cells and does this 4-6x to Fill the Bottle to about 800mL. At the End it does a “Saline Return” as it says on the Screen. They give you Saline (Salt in Water) and it has Vitamin C. The entire Donation process takes 30min-1hr. A Nurse will take the Needle out of your Arm, Scan the Bottle, which was scanned when the Needle went in your Arm. They Wrap it with Gauze and a Cotton Ball and the Money goes on the Card immediately and you leave. The Haemonetics Machine says it gets checked one a Year.

If the Mess up and it Clots, you are Generally ok what happens is that they didn’t go IV (Intravenous) and instead went IM (Intramuscular), there is also Subcutaneous which Diabetics do for example.

IV is when the Needle is in the Vein, this is most Direct and goes to the Heart and everything.

IM is when the Needle is in the Muscle, this then can lead to the Needle pulling out Blood from being Injected in and causing Abrasion, but then when it tries to Return the Cells they don’t go down the vein and instead Clot, or Pool, around the Muscle.
This is Subcutaneous, meaning “Just under the Skin”, so the Blood Pools and causes what is Visually the same as a Bruise and as it forms it can Hurt. It is something like a Scab under the Skin, a Hematoma. If that happens they will unhook you, if they are confused or handle it quickly they may try the other Arm, if it all goes wrong they give you a Powerade since you didn’t get the Saline and send you Home, but Pay you. If you look at CSL in Collin County Texas you can see the Hematomas, there were lots of pictures before and may be still.


Usually everything goes Smoothly, but I do think they are making Plenty of Money and could pay more than the $125 to Start, or $125+ all the Time. I think they Argue that the Donor Pool would Dry up if they have some of the Destitute People coming to them more Money. But this is a False Argument, because if you could replace a 9-5 Job with Plasma Donations then all the Drug Addicts and Poor People doing it to get $50 and $65 or even $25 or less some places which this is all very sad that this happens for this Price with the Ability to pay more. But those People would just all have the Ability to Earn More, and People Reading this would be more Inclined to Walk in. If I said “$1250 a Month” in this Thread People would be knocking down the Doors, so saying that giving them more Money would send them off, those People are Drug Addicts mostly and you Probably shouldn’t be after their Blood, it is Tainted. Cannabinoids are one Thing, anything else you don’t really want in your Medical Supply going into otherwise Healthy People once the get the Hemoglobin Treatment or whatever they need from the Plasma. So if anything Raising the Pay would actually Drastically increase the QUALITY of Blood Gathered, and would not hurt the Plasma Companies at all. The amount they are giving may work for some People who see no Future for themselves and this gives them something to wake up for in the Morning, and definitely it can Help if you need the $625 or $900 or extra Money here and there. But we need to Form a Union or something. Not a Serious Union, this is all Donations, but we can talk about Drug Addicts and Healthy Donors and Quality of Blood, and Payment Deserved. I’m sure both Sides are wanting to talk about this too.

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CSL: A Biotechnology Powerhouse Pioneering Therapies and Innovations

Introduction to CSL

CSL Limited is a powerhouse in the biotechnology sector, renowned for its commitment to delivering innovative biotherapies that save lives, protect public health, and help people with life-threatening medical conditions live full lives. The company's ethos is rooted in a century of service to the healthcare industry, evolving with cutting-edge research and development.

CSL's Business Spectrum

CSL operates through several subsidiaries, each specializing in different areas:

  • CSL Behring: A leader in the plasma protein biotherapies sector, CSL Behring provides treatments for conditions such as immunodeficiencies, bleeding disorders, and hereditary angioedema. They are at the forefront of research in rare and serious diseases, constantly seeking new ways to improve patient care.

  • CSL Plasma: As one of the world's largest collectors of human plasma, CSL Plasma plays a critical role in the company's operations. Plasma collected at CSL Plasma centers is used to create therapies for individuals with rare and serious diseases.

  • CSL Seqirus: This segment is a testament to CSL's prowess in the vaccine industry, particularly in influenza protection. Seqirus is one of the largest influenza vaccine providers in the world and is also involved in pandemic planning and response.

  • CSL Vifor: Focused on iron deficiency and nephrology, CSL Vifor aims to address some of the most common yet overlooked health conditions, improving the quality of life for patients globally.

Innovation and Sustainability

Innovation is the lifeblood of CSL. The company's R&D capabilities are robust, with a world-class network and a promising product pipeline. CSL is not only committed to innovation in healthcare but also to sustainability. They have taken significant steps to reduce their environmental footprint, such as minimizing packaging waste and promoting energy efficiency.

CSL's Impact on Healthcare

CSL's impact on healthcare is profound. Their products and research initiatives have paved the way for new treatments and better patient outcomes. The company's global reach means that their therapies are available to a wide range of patients, making a tangible difference in the lives of those with rare and serious diseases.


CSL's dedication to improving the health and well-being of people with rare and serious diseases is unwavering. With a strong commitment to innovation, sustainability, and patient care, CSL continues to be a beacon of hope and a leader in the biotechnology industry.

This article has provided a glimpse into CSL's diverse operations and their relentless pursuit of medical advancements. For those looking to understand the scope and scale of CSL's impact, it's clear that their work is not just about creating treatments—it's about fostering a healthier future for all.


But CSL should Pay the People that they say they are giving some kind of Life Sustaining Stipend to for doing this, more Money. It’s not Enough to Live on if anyone is Wondering.

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It is Shameful on the Part of CSL that I have to Post this here, and People who Really need to get the Money and have no Other way to get Money, and have no Other Backup Plans, or Anything going on, You don't have a Cryptocurrency Investment, You don't have Food Stamps maybe even, You might still need to go to CSL. But the Problem I would identify is, DO NOT GO TO CSL IF YOU ARE AN ATTRACTIVE FEMALE, they are Particularly Targeting Black Females, but it can be anyone. And I will Help Everyone from the Outside understand how CSL Works in this Post also, so you can see that it is not the People You see that are at Fault.


Something is going on where there are Breaches in the Privacy, there are People that are Allowed to see the Videos of Everyone at the Facility, and they aren't just Necessary Security People, or like Stakeholders and the Corporate Office, there is some REALITY SHOW ASPECT. And they are doing some SICK SHIT where they are Working to make Your Life WORSE. If you Walk in the Doors of CSL, they will basically SELL YOUR HEALTH INFORMATION, Possibly Your Address and Phone Information, they will maybe Even Sell Your Whole Life and allow someone to comepletely Bring You Down and Pretend CSL Donation Money is "Enough" for You. I made VERY VERY Clear in this Thread that it is NOT ENOUGH, that WE ARE DOING THEM A SERVICE, and that the DRUG ADDICTS SHOULD BE CLEARED OUT, AND WE SHOULD BE PAID MORE.


I think maybe we need to Start a whole Corruption Case against CSL, but I am going to Start with HIPAA because they are Violating all of our Privacy. CSL will TRY TO RUIN YOUR LIFE if they Learn Who You are, and someone sees You on the Cameras and is interested. They won't Recognize You are Married, You can Email them and Tell them that Your Spouse is Your Spouse and they will ignore You and still Pretend You aren't Married. CSL is Pretending the Donation Center is a Strip Club Stage. Like we are Cam Girls when we Walk in.


If you get a Job at CSL, you simply apply and they Hire you and Train you on the Job to Draw Blood, and you become a Certified Phlebotomist, and then you can become the Lead, and there are Quality Assurance People, and the Shipments come in with all the Plastic containers, and the Nurses there that Draw Blood all Pretty much do all the Different Roles in the Facility and none of them Really Ever Talked to too many People somewhere higher up. It is all Pretty Self-Sufficient, the Machines Run, the Employees put the IV in Everyone's Arms, and no one needs to be there that isn't just Random off the Street that Works there and has some Seniority, there is not a Team of Doctors, maybe somewhere but not on site that the Staff would Probably even talk to Regularly if they exist at all. But there is somehow something Happening between the Cameras, and the Corporate Offices, and then it has to do with Cumulus Radio and some other Problems, but it is not the Staff. If you Run inside the Building it would be like Pizza Gate, so Everyone just let the HIPAA Case be how this Happens and don't Pizza Gate this Thread.

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Dallas Really thinks this is an Election.


This is THE LAW. Voting is for CHANGES. You can Vote for METH, You need a Coalition in Congress. Ask Tulsi Gabbard how. I don't have to Vote to Arrest Meth Dealers. No Voting Needed.


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