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World Seed Supply

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I have bought many Different Seeds from this Company over the Years and they have a wide variety.


I also have used IAmShaman, BouncingBearBotanicals, and KTBotanicals which doesn’t exist now. If they all don’t have something you can look on eBay or Etsy. Balm of Gilead was hard to find a few Years ago but there was like 1 Person on Etsy. And I found someone that had Bulk Dried Imphepho through a Website in South Africa. And if you want like Uziza or something you have to go to like an Afro-Caribbean Cooking Market instead of the kind of Spirit Quest Market places. But World Seed Supply has pretty much everything, and they have a Super Stressed Strain of San Pedro they have mixed with other Species and everything. So they are into Epigenetics and everything. Some of the First Things I learned about Raising Alkaloid content Through Stress was Reading about what was being posted about the Super Stressed San Pedro.


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