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El Coyote - The Last Movie

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This is a Great Movie, it is about the Border and how some Things Happen in Places where there is Lawlessness, we could quote George Bush Sr. and Talk about forming a New World Order based on the Law on the Books and not the Rule of the Jungle. And not Attacking other Countries unless they Attack us First. And this Movie is about the Border, the Lawless Place of the Border Land. One Interesting way to get into it is to Study El Kevin. He was at a Hospital and a Cartel sent like 50 Vehicles to the Hospital in a Town in Mexico, and got El Kevin out of Custody at the Hospital. He was Freed, and later the same Cartel killed him because he knew too much. But there are Videos of him with like Witches doing Chants during Drive-Bys and Things.


So El Coyote gets into this, the United States doesn’t Address Immigration Properly so El Coyote Runs the Market, and the Cartel, a Cartel by Definition doesn’t mean a Gang, it means they Run a Market. And El Coyote was initiated in a Ritual where he Killed and ate someone’s Eyes and Heart, so he has that and Everything. And it’s a Good Movie, he kind of goes up against the Cartel, starting with a Local Sheriff who is abusing his Office and El Coyote was Working for a Cartel Leader named El Brujo (Male Witch or Warlock). It’s a Revenge Movie, but I’m not sure they got to Finish it, it seems to End with a Shooting and the Story is the Cartel killed them to Stop Production because it was so Real.

El Coyote

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