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Haiti and the Carribean

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When most Americans think of the Caribbean they think of maybe Jamaica, so Rastafarians, or maybe You think of Pirates, maybe You think of just Beaches and Resorts, maybe You think of Cuba.


But these Countries exist from those Histories and we have a History with them. Forever America is tied to the "West Indies" as the Caribbean Islands are known. But we need to make sure we stand Vigilant over these Issues, before China and Russia, etc. this is the Era of BRICS Investment, America is Losing it's Place in the World, and the Only Silver Lining is that the Van Kush Family is picking up the Slack and gaining what they Neglect. But, that is maybe to Put American interests and Van Kush Family Interests more distant than they are. We can compare all of this to ECOWAS. ECOWAS is American backed but the way America was not sure how to Defend it we can maybe say it is more of a Franco-African Enterprise, between France and Africa. Bazoum is likely to be executed because of this Failure of America to Support ECOWAS, and I am the Only Backup Plan, I'm Prepping our Military, and Our Civilians to Help, as well as Other Countries because the Coming Crusades will be Religious and not Restricted by National Origin. When we set up Shop in Syria, Iraq, etc, it won't Matter where You are from, but we will be Starting in Mexico before doing that. So we expect many Spanish Speakers and Christians to be in the Middle East, more than Today.


I want to know what Barbeque Plans for Haiti. Can he Respect the Rastafarian Emporer's Family, the Solomonic Royal Family. Does he intend to Respect any outsiders? And I think some Group in America ought to be thinking about being on Both Sides, because Haiti could be Cuba. Cuba didn't make Everyone Communist around them, but if we don't accept Leaders that the People Acknowledge, maybe like Barbeque, then China Might. And then Suddenly Haiti would be the Modern Cuba Missile Crisis while they Develop past their Neighbors unexpectedly with that Chinese Support. Is America willing to Work as Post-Colonizers with the Former Colonizers and all the Colonies? We don't even look at this in terms of Contacting "Commonwealth States" like India, and we should. Who was all part of the British Commonwealth that wants to Talk about the West Indies? Why doesn't America already do this. It's like I'm an Ancient Knight Preserved with the Holy Grail Teaching the Confused World that forgot.


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Let Barbecue in Haiti go to War against God like Qatar is and the Lawyers in Dallas, and see if I wouldn’t Tear him Limb from Limb.
He will not.
Let him Test it just by going Church to Church to Kill People.


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