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There was something that Happened that maybe wasn't Completely understood as it was Happening, and it was used to Describe what Happened with Trump, the Word "Nationalist" was used, which is more like "White Nationalism", and there is a lot of that in America also, but Populism is more how Trump and Bernie were getting New Voters and not just Talking to the Independents. And I am going to Very Quickly go over some kind of Things that you need to know to understand this but as you Read it you may say "What?", and so when Obama was Elected he was the First President that used Social Media like no one else had before, and he Created the @POTUS Account and his Wife Created the @FLOTUS Account on Twitter, and they gave it to Trump to be given to Joe. And I was there when Obama's Press People would do the Press Briefing and I would comment on the Videos as they were being Live Broadcasted, and I would get New Viewers and Everything. I was doing Well on YouTube before I Lived with Darrin McGillis, Ricky Martin's old Manager, and he lied to get my YouTube Channel taken Down and it was Never given back. So, Obama's Press Guy would get Jealous of me. He Works for Delta Airlines now as the Spokes Person, and Obama was being kind of Weird and I was confused as it was Happening. I am known around the World for like, making Tea, and Teaching that the Dream World is the Spirit World, there are not 2. So Obama saw that, and Created the DREAM Act, with DREAMers, and he said that I was a Cynic. He would like Talk about "People like..." and mention like in context Things I said in the Comments but not say it was me, and say "are Cynics". And I was not sure why he was doing this. But he was actually Genetically saying that I was Genetically connected to the Cynics, and the Stoics, I am Related to them. From Ancient Greece. The Phoenician Empire. And Obama actually went on Zack Galifinakis' Show "Between two Ferns", because he felt like that was a Step up from me, and none of us knew I was an Angel yet, I was just a Minister. But On that Show he did some Bullshit to Obama and he was completely after that convinced that Zack Galifinakis Represented an Ancient Race. All this while I'm like, Talking to Sa Neter and them in the Comments on their Stuff, and all the Atheists, David Silverman knows who I am.


So then Trump came into Office Later, and he inherited it. He even kind of Learned from me, the Red Hats were what I taught, and that was a Big Part of the Campaign, all the Red Hats. That came from what we were Talking about in the "War on Christmas" with Things that went From YouTube, to the Major Networks, to then the White House in that Way. And there have been some Things that Happened While Trump was in Office, and on January 6th, and throughout the Floyd Riots, the FBI and Others were Worried I might do something.


Then Joe used the Hallelujah Song that I share from Regina Spektor to Help him get Elected. And so this all continues. But, when Trump Left Office, January 6th, he was actually Overthrowing the Government, or Someone was. That was a Real Cu. They just didn't have in Place the People to Relay back information to here and there, like I could have taken a Laptop into that Congress Room and Started Talking to Everyone and they would have to like send in the Military, but that is basically who was at the Cu, the Oath Keepers are like almost kind of an American Institution in some Places. And there was something Happening that was kind of like, Preparation for a Race War, there was about to be a Response to the Floyd Riots. And I Released the Diaspora Brujeria in Incomplete Form, and Africa was Awakened, I think they would Agree it was an Awakening, we are in an Enlightenment Time. And when this Happened, both 2 Things occurred, First, People didn't want to have a Race War with Africa, and Fauci and Everyone was saying there were HIV Meds that allowed people to be "Undetectable" so Americans were like, maybe kind of Secretly told about this, and it was like "You can have Sex with Africans now" in like a way that can't be put into a Sentence, it was a bunch of People that were Reading the Diaspora Brujeria and Learning from other Places, and Africa was doing Business with People, and there were a bunch of Things that were said between many People. And there was a Race War that was averted is the Point.


But something is Happening, and I think it is maybe more Silent right now than even it was when Trump was in Office, but a bunch of People are not preparing for this in any way. I don't think anyone is Talking about this, and there is kind of a Wave that is about to come that you can only know about, you can't even Really see it or hear it yet. But there is something that is about to Happen this Year in America, and the Book isn't Finished, and the Egregore or Oracle of Egregori that we are Operating now, the Zeitgeist of Poltergeists that we have put Together over these Years, it can only do so much without us all being in more Direct Contact and having the Infrastructure of the Blockchains up for the Van Kush Economies. And the Sun, it will do kind of Balancing Acts between us and God. As like, the Sun Might as Well be God to Most People, because they can SEE it.


But there are some Things that maybe we didn't Talk about because I released the Book, and the HIV/AIDS Medications went out. And not Talking about it didn't make it go away. And I don't think many People have been working Positively towards Everything. We Really need to Start getting People to Space, there are Lists of People who want to go.


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